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Frequently Asked Questions

Ads on Bistwork are paid for by impressions or clicks. This means that you do not pay for the duration of the announcement, but because of your contact with people. When paying for impressions, the money is charged for every thousand impressions or per click, which is every time the user clicks on the ad or link in the publication. When creating the ads, Bistwork will display a recommended amount. To avoid spending too much, set a budget limit for each message so that the expense stops when the ad stops. The campaigns have a minimum cost of 7 dollars per month.

When creating an ad you can select the country you want to direct your ad to. Bistwork will select the advertisers that most fit your sector.

Advertising will not end until the budget is exhausted or the ad reaches its limit. This means that the larger the selected audience, the sooner the money will be exhausted. You can pause your ad at any time.